The UK government has announcements the official opening of Defense BattleLab, in Dorset, to facilitate innovation in the military space.

The site will allow the military to work with academic institutions and private sector companies to develop and test new technologies.

According to the UK Department of Defense (MoD), Defense BattleLab will offer access to multi-domain training grounds in Lulworth, including 15,000 feet of airspace, sea area and a range with the possibility of firing.

The venue also includes a live trial and demonstration workshop on digital and physical technologies and three 5G test benches.

It also has a large open-plan office, with more than 100 rental offices for companies and a separate space for defense personnel.

Defense BattleLab had a soft start last summer. Since then, he has organized numerous hackathons, defense technology exhibitions, and seminars on emerging military technologies.

The Minister of Public Procurement of the United Kingdom, Jeremy Quinn, said: “As the pace of technological change continues to grow, defense needs to move forward and be innovative in its approach.

“Cooperation and innovation will be the catalysts for maintaining an advantage over our opponents. BattleLab will bring together the best talent and experience in the industry and expand the technological frontiers to equip our armed forces with the latest, state-of-the-art kit. ”

The government has also launched the Earth Industry Strategy (LIS), which provides a framework for how the military, defense ministry and industry can work together to maximize the value of modernization investments.

Earlier this month, the United Kingdom announced a package of military aid worth 300 million British pounds (376 million dollars) for Ukraine.

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