DJI is expected to present the third iteration of its Mini drone on Tuesday, May 10, but a video has already been released showing many details of what the new flying machine and its controller look like.

The three-minute unpacking video (below) comes courtesy of YouTuber Darren McHardy (via DroneDJ), who recently received footage from a DJI observer Jasper Ellens.

While a random online ad last month revealed most of the specifications for the Mini 3 Pro, Ellens’ video offers a closer look at both the quadcopter and its all-new controller.

The updated flying machine includes sensors to avoid obstacles for the first time, a real benefit for novice pilots, nervous to crash their drone into a nearby tree within seconds of getting it in the air.

The Mini 3 Pro also offers 4K / 60fps video, with 1080p / 120fps slow motion. 4X digital zoom is also part of the package.

Staying with the camera, DJI’s new drone comes with a redesigned cardan shaft that allows not only horizontal video, but also vertical, which makes the machine a more attractive proposition for those who shoot mainly for social media. By the way, this particular feature is hinted at in DJI’s advertisement for Tuesday’s event, which goes by the headline: “Reversal in the plot.”

Thanks to the more powerful battery, the DJI Mini 3 Pro will be able to stay in the air for up to 47 minutes, which is a significant increase over the 31 minutes offered by the previous iteration.

Jasper Ellens

The controller has a lot in common with DJI’s RC Pro, which includes, for example, a built-in display, which means you’ll no longer have to seize your smartphone for pilot duties.

Finally, the small drone still weighs less than 250 grams, so US pilots will not have to register it with the Federal Aviation Administration.

In terms of pricing, recent reports suggest that the Mini 3 Pro will cost $ 1,000, about twice as much as the Mini 2.

DJI introduced the Mavic Mini in 2019, offering a much more capable flying experience than the Spark quadcopter it replaced.

The company followed two years later with the Mini 2, which included a longer flight time of 31 minutes and the ability to capture 4K frames.

Check back soon to get all the official news about the new Mini 3 Pro.

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