The Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro Series family of platforms is said to be the portfolio of the world’s highest-performing network infrastructure platforms available on the market. Building on the legacy of several generations of Networking Pro Series platforms, the products combine Wi-Fi 7 features with Qualcomm Technologies’ intelligent multi-channel management technologies to improve speeds, lower latency and improve network usage for Wi-Fi users. -Fi 6 / 6E devices, while offering game-changing bandwidth and incredibly low latency for the next generation of Wi-Fi 7 client devices.

“Qualcomm Technologies has enabled the era of 10 Gbps WiFi with our first deliveries to Wi-Fi 7 Networking Pro Series customers,” said Nick Kucharevski, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Infrastructure and Networks, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Combining support for the latest Wi-Fi 7 innovations with our unique product platform architecture, the platform enables solutions ranging from a home network to powerful connected networks for large public places. With this product line, we expect a new class of client systems for both today’s applications and the emerging Wi-Fi 7 ecosystem. ”

Drawing on strong Wi-Fi 6 / 6E momentum and leadership, Qualcomm Technologies’ third-generation Networking Pro platform with Wi-Fi 7-enabled Networking Pro provides record-breaking wireless capacity and performance, bringing Wi-Fi infrastructure to the home and business. enterprises at the next level, ”said Neil Shah, vice president of research, Counterpoint Research. “Introducing Wi-Fi 7 innovations as simultaneous multi-connection operations, 4K QAM, four-band configurations in a highly scalable, modular and optimized architecture, Qualcomm Technologies is once again raising the stakes and ushering the industry into the 10Gbps + era. In this way, this innovative platform helps deliver immersive and content-rich wireless experiences even in limited environments that were not possible before. ”

This third generation Networking Pro Series sets new industry standards for network platform performance. The family allows systems with a maximum total wireless capacity of 33 Gbps and point-to-point connections above 10 Gbps. With advanced interference detection and multi-connectivity features, the Wi-Fi 7 Network Pro Series allows deterministic low latency in challenging shared wireless environments, allowing application performance to compete with the private spectrum. The products can support high-speed, low-latency wireless reverse transmission for home Wi-Fi networks and enterprise infrastructure with reliable performance even in the presence of neighboring interference. When combined with high-performance Internet access, such as 5G fixed wireless access or 10G PON fiber, customers can experience immersive connected experiences, including high-definition video conferencing, AR / VR and high-performance cloud gaming.

Available in three-band and four-band configurations, the Networking Pro Series allows Wi-Fi connectivity in the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz spectrum. Qualcomm Networking Pro Series Wi-Fi 7 platforms achieve unmatched performance through expert implementation of key features, including:
• Support for Wi-Fi 7 320 MHz channels (provides a twofold increase in bandwidth over Wi-Fi 6) provides maximum bandwidth and ultra low latency for the most demanding real-time games, streaming, video sharing and XR applications.
• Multi-Link technology allows customer traffic to dynamically aggregate or alternate lanes to avoid wireless interference and provide deterministic, predictable low latency in heavily congested environments. When paired with leading Wi-Fi 7 client systems, such as Qualcomm FastConnect 7800, Networking Pro Series, Gen 3 platforms may offer support for High Band Simultaneous (HBS) Multi-Link. HBS Multi-Link uses only high-performance 5 and 6-GHz bands to provide the best bandwidth and latency Multi-Link performance.
• To maximize 6GHz performance, including over long distances and outdoors, the Qualcomm Automated Frequency Coordination (AFC) service is a turnkey hardware and software solution. The Qualcomm AFC solution is available for integrating client devices today on the Qualcomm Networking Pro Series and Qualcomm Immersive Home platforms. Once regulatory approvals are granted, the Qualcomm AFC solution will be commercially available for public use.

As with previous generations, these third-generation Networking Pro platforms are custom-designed to provide the customer with fast time to market a wide range of connectivity solutions. The platform’s highly scalable architecture uses a common software and hardware development approach to provide a set of globally relevant configurations, each of which supports optimized schemes for using multi-band channels to handle diverse regional spectrum availability. Customers can choose from a wide range of platforms, whether targeted at businesses, small / medium businesses, operator gateways, customer networks or home deployments. The full range of offers of the platform includes:
o Networking Pro 1620: Four-band, 16-stream, 33.1 Gbps peak wireless capacity for stadiums, large enterprises, first-class home networking systems.
o Networking Pro 1220: Triband, 12-stream, 21.6 Gbps peak wireless capacity for enterprise, small and medium businesses, consumers and premium home networking systems.
o Networking Pro 820: Four-band, 8-stream, 13.7 Gbps peak wireless capacity for enterprise, small and medium businesses, consumers and premium home networking systems.
o Networking Pro 620: Triband, 6-stream, 10.8 Gbps peak wireless capacity for corporate, SMB, gaming and home networking systems.

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Wi-Fi 7 platform supports 320 MHz channel, 33 Gbps wireless interface capacity

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