The world’s first CarbonNeutral® certified semiconductor company –

Improves the “Electrify Our World” mission, as each next-generation GaN integrated circuit saves 4 kg of CO2

Navitas Semiconductor, an industry leader in GaN power integrated circuits, announced that it is the world’s first semiconductor company to receive CarbonNeutral® certification from leading carbon neutrality and climate finance experts, Natural Capital Partners. Achieving CarbonNeutral-Company certification is another cornerstone of Navitas’ mission to “Electrify Our World” and help Navitas customers achieve their own sustainability goals.

Gallium nitride (GaN) is a next-generation semiconductor technology that works up to 20 times faster than previous silicon and allows up to 3 times more power, 40% energy savings and 3 times faster charging at half the size and weight. Navitas’ GaNFast И power supplies integrate GaN power and drive plus sensors, protection and control to provide simple, small, fast and efficient power conversion performance.

Navitas is the market leader in GaN power semiconductors with over 50,000,000 units delivered, zero reported GaN-related damage and a 20-year warranty. Such leadership in the sustainability industry can be outlined through a series of milestones supported by third-party partnerships and proven analysis:

  • May 2021: GaN’s first energy company to commit to the Paris Agreement target of 1.5 ° C through the Science Initiative (SBTi)
  • August 2021: Completed Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with third-party LCA expert EarthShift Global, quantifying Navitas Scopes 1-3 carbon impacts for all impacts on corporations and suppliers in 2020.
  • January 2022: Completed ISO14040 / 14044 compliant GaN Power IC life cycle comparative assessment of Si high voltage FET and GaN 65W USB-C charger versus Si based 65W USB-C charger demonstrating significant carbon saving benefits of GaN versus Si devices and USB-C chargers
  • January 2022: Re-assessment of the life cycle of the organization (LCA) with a third-party LCA expert EarthShift Global, quantification of Navitas Scopes 1-3 carbon impacts for all impacts on corporations and suppliers in 2021.
  • February 2022: The first GaN energy company publishes a sustainability report that comprehensively quantifies the positive impact of GaN energy semiconductors on climate change based on global standards endorsed by EarthShift Global
  • May 2022: The first semiconductor company to receive CarbonNeutral certification from leading experts in carbon neutrality and climate finance, Natural Capital Partners

Through an extensive third-party review, Navitas showed that GaN devices currently have a 70% reduction in carbon footprint for production compared to Si and lead to a 30% + reduction in the impact of the production and use phase for our customers. Combining GaN’s inherent advantages with Navitas’ low-carbon business model has led to CarbonNeutral’s Navitas company certification.

Navitas has quantified all emissions in the 1-3 range for the last 2 years of operation and is committed to continuing annual emissions reporting as we work to reduce emissions and pursue a mission to replace Si devices with GaN solutions with more low carbon footprints.

Navitas’CarbonNeutral’s certification meets all the requirements of CarbonNeutralProtocol of Natural Capital Partners and goes beyond to include all emissions related to the production and distribution of products. These emissions are offset by verified emission reductions (VERs), also known as “carbon offsets”. The VERs purchased by Navitas are renewable energy projects in rural India – in line with the mission “Electrification of our world” and the transition to fossil fuels.

“CarbonNeutral’s certification is a major sustainability achievement for Navitas, along with a significant increase in the production of GaN power supply integrated circuits,” said Anthony Shiro Navitas, vice president of quality and sustainability. “The support of Natural Capital Partners was crucial, directing us to constructive, proven company performance and reliable compensation. The production of GaN power supply integrated circuit has 4x-10x lower CO2 footprint than for silicon chip, and when you consider the end-use power supply application, the improved efficiency and reduction of materials, size and weight of the charger provides 4 kg net reduction in CO2 emissions for each GaN IC delivered. “

“Navitas is joining a future-focused group, including Microsoft, Logitech, VMware and Sky, to work with Natural Capital Partners to obtain high-quality compensation that meets the UN’s global goals of maximum impact,” said Saskia Feast, Managing Director, Global Client Solutions at Natural Capital Partners. “All our projects are independently validated and verified, which ensures that our clients’ actions in the field of climate are stable.”

“Our customers – such as Samsung, Dell, Xiaomi and Lenovo – have critical sustainability goals and can appreciate the enormous CO2 reduction benefits provided by GaN power integrated circuits compared to old, slow silicon chips,” said Jean Sheridan, chief executive. CEO of Navitas and co-founder. In the big picture, GaN has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions to 2.6 Gton / year by 2050.

Navitas: World’s First CarbonNeutral®-CertifiedSemiconductor Company

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