Microsoft has updated the Xbox mobile app on iOS and Android to allow you to share moments of the game in the form of Snapchat-style stories. announced the company. Gameplay videos, screenshots and achievements are compatible with the new sharing format, which is accessible by tapping the “+” button next to your gaming tag on the Xbox app’s home screen. The content will then appear in your account for 72 hours. The Xbox also comes with new network management features.

Stories were in vogue a few years ago, with everyone from Instagram to LinkedIn and Spotify mimicking the format in their respective apps. Although the trend seems to have slowed recently with the shift in focus to TikTok-style scrolling shows, I see the Stories format that makes sense here – video games are a visual environment, and Stories is a nice way to display images in full screen. However, it’s a little awkward to see landscape video that takes up so little of the phone’s portrait screen in the Microsoft images above.

New QoS options.
Image: Microsoft

In addition to the new Xbox feature, Microsoft has announced a new Quality of Service (QoS) feature on Xbox consoles. It is designed to prioritize traffic that is sensitive to network congestion, such as multiplayer games or party chat, and is available in the Advanced section of the Network Settings menu. However, Microsoft support page says that the feature will need to be supported by your home router or ISP network and warns that it may cause problems with some networks.

A statement from Microsoft said that the Stories feature is now live in Australia and should be available in more regions “soon”.

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