We have all spent time listening to Grandma’s wax poetry for years and relatives long gone. What is the best way to connect this generation with the past?

Free family tree templates can help teach your kids where they come from. It’s also a fun way to learn more about your story. However, not all family tree sites are safe. Some people put your personal information on the web for everyone to see. Tap or click here to delete from this scary site.

These five websites have many free family tree templates that you can try. Big families, small families and everything in between will find something perfect for work.

If you already have the names and pedigree, a simple blank family tree template is a quick, easy and free way to organize your family history. You will find everything from a simple family tree to complex family trees that stretch to meet the needs of even huge clans of descendants.

This site hosts more than a few options, many of which offer preference to families of specific structures. Families with many aunts and uncles, for example, or that span more than a few generations. Some stylized family tree templates are aimed at children, but you will find many conscientious family diagrams that look scientific after some digging.

Either it would be great for each class’s school projects or just a fun activity to share with your family on a Saturday afternoon. Suddenly, your family photo albums will take on shocking new dimensions.

This Microsoft Excel family tree template brings a lot of the same. Download the file and you will be able to document your family’s journey up to three generations back.

It’s a simple design, and if you’re thriving in Excel, it’s a family tree template that you can use to pick it up and roll it up without printing a single sheet. The concept is simple enough. Each entry has a place for the name and year of birth of each family member and a place for a small photo.

This site is home to another huge collection of free family tree charts in several formats, including one compiled after the infamous Kennedy family. Who said family maps are only good for mapping your heritage?

A notable bonus of Vertex42 is a handy list of tips for creating a family tree. Enlist the help of your extended family, use primary sources such as online birth records, and even formatting tips to explain how to design a family tree that is readable and easy to follow.

There is also a list of other resources, including companies, that can help you track distant relatives and learn more about your family’s history. You will find things compatible with Excel, Word and G Suite. Choose your adventure and leave.

Behind this unpretentious facade, similar to Wikipedia, are dozens of ready-made family tree templates. Bracket-style family charts coexist with lighter rates, similar to the pedigree trees for children found above. One that stands out: a family tree template that caricatures each member of your family with an avatar similar to Mii.

Some of them are color-coded, which can be useful if your family or the family you are planning is large and complex. You will also see some instructions on how best to use these empty family trees, which can be useful if you are doing this for the first time.

The site linked here describes this last template as a “basic pedigree chart”. This is the perfect free family tree template for anyone who is serious about tracing their lineage to the beginning.

You will either need to sign up for the Family Tree Magazine newsletter or attach this project to a Pinterest board to download the file. In addition, this template is completely free to use. If you want gold, why not use a free family tree template approved by an official source?

How to make a family tree diagram for free

Many of these free family tree templates are completely customized. No matter what your family tree looks like, you will be able to adapt each of these universal options to accommodate everyone from your brother’s family to your second cousin, removed three times.

This activity is a fun way to include your own family in the legacy you all come from. Next time you’re bored, you should give it a try.

Mapping your family tree? Try one of these free templates

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