About a week ago, I downloaded the Apple Music app for iPhone again to test a feature, and it loaded WhatsApp from the docking station at the bottom of the screen.

A little weird, I thought. However, I soon dismissed the anomaly, thinking it might be the default position for one of Apple’s standard apps to take pride of place in the dock that appears at the bottom of every home screen.

Fast forward seven days and it seems that in the end this was not a strange thing about the operating system. This is a bug first noticed by an iOS developer named Kevin Archer. He said he would only replace third-party applications in the dock. In his case, he dumped Spotify. How cheeky!

Report from TechCrunch found that Apple Music also replaced first-party applications such as the camera, while another developer found that Safari was loaded from the docking station.

Is Apple doing this on purpose? Unlikely. The company has been allowing users to delete standard applications for years, and it is unlikely that the company will deliberately replace the applications that users have chosen to place on the docking station.

9to5Mac looked at the iOS 15 code and saw nothing to suggest that the company was playing dirty. However, I’m not sure I agree with the overall conclusion of the site, otherwise why will the problem start to appear only now?

The iOS 15 code analyzed by 9to5Mac shows that there is an internal iOS file with the default position of each app on the home screen, which is used to organize apps after you restore your phone. It seems that Apple simply has never tested what will happen if you reinstall a standard application from the docking station after deleting it.


It is unclear whether the company will try to rectify the situation in an upcoming software update. Have you experienced the Apple Music error? Tell us which app you dropped on @trustedreviews on Twitter.

This Apple Music iPhone dock bug is actually quite rude

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