This lantern farts pumpkin spice when someone approaches

Arduino teamOctober 24, 2022

Halloween is just a week away, and that means two things: jack-o’-lanterns decorating front doors around the world, and the sudden proliferation of pumpkin spice-based products. Pumpkin spice is not a spice made from pumpkin, but rather a spice used in pumpkin pies. As we all know, farmers harvest pumpkin spice from pumpkin purées. This inspired YouTube channel The Man Cave to create this lantern that utters pumpkin spice when someone approaches.

The man cave couldn’t get hold of a real farting pumpkin (Starbucks keeps them under lock and key), so they were forced to build an artificial recreation that spews out Febreze pumpkin spice-scented air freshener. They started by carving a lantern out of a regular pumpkin that wasn’t inflated. This was given a face with an expression that conveys the general feeling of “sorry about my delightful aromatic gas”.

The lantern’s eyes are just the right size to allow an ultrasonic sensor to peer through them, which is how it detects the presence of a person. Ann Arduino Uno board it monitors the ultrasonic sensor and activates a small servo motor when it detects movement. The servo arm pushes down on the button on the Febreze can, causing a cloud of pumpkin spice-scented gas to emit from the back of the lantern.

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This jack-o’-lantern farts pumpkin spice whenever someone gets close

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