Threads has 150 million monthly users

Meta’s Threads app now has more than 150 million monthly users, an increase of about 20 million new users since February. Mark Zuckerberg shared the latest user data during Meta’s Q1 earnings call, saying the app “continues to be on the trajectory that I hope to see.”

The update suggests that Threads continues to grow steadily, albeit at a slower rate than its initial explosive growth. The app racked up more than 100 million downloads in its first week, but later saw engagement. But over the past six months, Threads has seen more consistent growth, and Zuckerberg has speculated that the service could eventually be Meta’s next app.

Notably, Threads appears to be ahead of X (formerly known as Twitter) on some metrics. Estimates from analytics firm Apptopia show that Threads has more daily users in the United States than X, Business Insider earlier this week. (X stated daily users worldwide.) Threads also scored another significant win recently when it joined the platform to promote its latest album.

So far, Threads is unique among Meta’s apps in that it has no advertising, so the company doesn’t make money directly from the app. That’s likely to change at some point, provided Threads continues to expand its reach. Zuckerberg previously said the company would only “focus on monetization” once the app grew enough.

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