Meta is currently testing several possibilities for Threads, which is run by Instagram Adam Mosseri describes as some of the “most wanted” features for the social network. One of these experimental features is the ability to save drafts. Users will be able to easily save a post they’ve entered as a draft, which they can edit and publish later by swiping down on their mobile device’s display. When a draft is saved, the application menu at the bottom of the screen highlights the post icon. Currently, however, they can only save one draft, and it’s unclear if Meta has any plans to allow users to save more.

In addition to drafts, Meta is also testing an in-app camera. It opens up the mobile phone camera from Threads itself so that users can more easily share photos and videos from their phone. Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg posted a photo on the service that he says was taken with the new in-app camera the company is testing.

Meta told us that these are early tests of the experimental features, which means that they can undergo many changes before they are widely distributed, and are only available to a small number of people. In the past month, Meta also began testing a thread bookmarking feature that allows users to save posts that they can refer to later. The company is also experimenting with its version of trending topics in Threads, along with the ability to cross-post between Threads and Facebook.