Reuters reports TikTok is testing games for the application in Vietnam before a “big push” in space. A company spokesman confirmed the tests of HTML5 mini-games, saying: “We are always looking for ways to enrich our platform and regularly test new features and integrations that bring value to our community.”

Sources point out that the plan is for ad-supported games that draw from the parent company’s library, ByteDance, which could increase revenue and increase the time people spend in the TikTok app – if possible.

Disco Loko 3D
Image: Zynga

TikTok is already testing at least one mini-game in the app teamed up with Feeding America to do Garden of gooda Agricultural settlement-a similar experience in which players can earn points and use them to make a donation. It too announced a partnership with Agricultural settlement developer Zynga at the end of last year to do Disco Loko 3DAn HTML5-based endless runner that can run inside the app, but new reports suggest that’s just the beginning of TikTok’s gaming ambitions.

TikTok’s Chinese predecessor, Douyin, already offers games, and other companies such as Facebook and Netflix have recently raided mobile games. TikTok also tested gaming streaming software with its Live Studio for PCs and allowed certain creators to add more interactivity by including widgets in videos.

Another report from TechCrunch Sources, a product intelligence company, says TikTok is working on a number of live streaming features. These include games to help streamers engage with viewers, including a Pictionary-like game, a “treasure box” gifting experience that distributes coins to random viewers after a period of time, and shopping that allows viewers to view live products.

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