TikTok’s parent company ByteDance filed for a trademark in the US in September. The trademark indicates that TikTok is working on new technology. The technology will allow consumers to shop with voice to boost their online shopping efforts in the United States. This technology will compete with Amazon and Google. TThe technology largely revolves around the Run by TikTok Shop program. The technology may include services that will allow users to conduct financial transactions with their voice. ByteDance sees a wide range of applications for voice technology. Plans to enable it for remote control of lamps, TVs and AC control as well. Also, search for news, weather and online information using your voice.

Josh Gerben, of the Gerben Law Firm, said… “It is very common for a large company the size of ByteDance to describe a broader application of a technology in a trademark application. It can include many things. These things may not even be related. Because what business people talk about in meetings and what lawyers hear in meetings can be very different things.

Gerben adds that TikTok can apply for any trademark it wants. This is despite the goods or services. However, he has to start offering the goods and services before the application goes through.

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TikTok spokesperson Laura Pereks confirmed the new development. She claimed the feature was being tested in the US, but did not provide further details. Previously there were tests in the UK, Indonesia and other Southeast Asian countries. Now, however, TikTok is inviting American businesses to join the new shopping program. This program will eventually expand to international sellers.

Voice shopping is becoming increasingly popular

Voice commands have become a hot aspect in technology. More home devices now support this technology. They are powered by voice assistants like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Assistant. However, many people remain cautious about how they shop.

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The idea that TikTok wants to enter this space is not surprising. The company has always struggled to enter many areas of online shopping. TikTok adds staff to build US team. It focuses on supply chain logistics.

TikTok recently reassigned a top ad manager to focus on TikTok Shop products in the United States. Audio technology is another focus for TikTok. The company is placing sound at the top of your app. There is a dedicated Speech, Audio and Music Intelligence (SAMI) team to develop new audio technologies. TikTok is currently hiring for several positions related to speech recognition.


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