Smartphones have become a part of everyone’s life today. Apart from calls or text messages, smartphones are mainly used for internet services. Whether it’s for fun, socializing, studying or office work, mobile internet has become very important and we can’t afford to do without it.

Today, more smartphone use means more internet data consumption. In such a situation, if your internet package ends soon, then today we tell you a great trick with which you can increase your net limit. After reaching the daily data limit, users get slow speed internet, which becomes very difficult to use.

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There are also many packages that provide unlimited data, but they also end prematurely, which is why smartphone users have to face many difficulties. If you have subscribed to a limit plan, then you will need to adjust the daily data so that not all data is lost in one day.

When using mobile data, first of all, keep in mind to reduce the use of those applications in which data consumption is high. Watching videos on social media platforms consumes more data.

Steps to save your daily data

1. Go to Settings on your smartphone.

2. Now you need to go to the Sim Card and Mobile Data option.

3. There will be many options here that you need to go to Data Usage.

4. Next, you need to click on Mobile Data Limit.

5. Then how many MB or GB of data should be spent per day, choose from here.

6. This will set your daily data limit. Then, when you have finished using the restricted data, the network will stop working. However, you can also change the limit.

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