Although DevOps has been around for some time, there are many definitions and ways to think about it, said John Clark, chief cloud advisor at Cloudreach, at Computing’s online computer Deskflix: DevOps event last week.

“But,” he added, “we believe there are several key principles.” DevOps is about bringing together different cross-functional teams and promoting closer collaboration to achieve speed, delivery and higher operational excellence.

“We find that people are aware of these principles and what the methodologies are, but they often ask, ‘What does this mean for us?’ Where to start? What might DevOps look like today, tomorrow and the next 12 months? ”

The reason so many people ask consultants like Cloudreach is that so many – four out of five digital leaders – are undergoing a major business transformation, making DevOps even more important.

Clark identified some of the common barriers to transformation, including focusing too much on technology (not people, processes, and team changes); isolated teams working with close focus; and the lack of a common goal throughout the organization. This goal must be shared among all employees and – especially in remote teams – must be visible.

And how do you deal with these challenges? You will have to watch the video below to find out.

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