Now, here are two things you need to know: Angular 2 is a good platform for creating mobile applications and there is no such thing as being too prepared for an interview with Angular 2. We live in a time when more and more people and organizations are finding their way online.

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The more online users there are, the greater the demand for applications to use. And because more applications are needed, today’s business world needs more professionals to create them. And with that need comes good financial compensation! According to Glass doorFront End developers with Angular programming skills can earn an average of $ 77K per year, with a potential annual high of $ 111K.

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With that in mind, here’s a selection of questions and answers for an interview for Angular 2. It doesn’t matter if you want to start a new career in software development or you’re already a developer just trying to improve your skills, you’ll find a sample of interview questions for Angular 2 for helpful.

Interviewees need to be prepared and the selection of materials below, ranging from beginner to advanced interview questions in Angular 2, will help you refresh Angular 2 and give you a boost of confidence. So, let’s start with some easy interview questions for Angular 2 and move on to the more difficult ones.

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Best Angular 2 Interview Questions

1) What is Angular 2?

Angular 2 is an open source framework / platform designed to easily build high-performance large-scale web applications while making them easy to maintain.

2) What is the difference between Angular JS and Angular 2?

This is one of the most frequently asked interview questions for Angular 2. Angular 2 is a complete rewrite of Angular JS. Angular 2 is more focused on developing mobile applications.

3) What are the main advantages of Angular 2?

In this Angular 2 interview question, the interviewer expects you to give a detailed answer and explain each of the benefits. The main advantages of Angular 2 are:

  • Mobile-friendly: Angular 2 was created with the mobile app industry in mind.
  • Browser compatibility: Angular 2 supports Internet Explorer 9, 10, 11, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Android 4.1, and Microsoft Edge.
  • Flexibility between different platforms: When using Angular 2, developers can design applications that can run on desktop systems, Android-based devices, iOS-based devices, etc.
  • High performance: Angular2 uses a highly optimized superset of JavaScript, which makes both the application and the website load faster. In addition, the new Angular2 component router loads faster.
  • Code Generation: Templates become code that is highly optimized for today’s JavaScript virtual machines. This gives the developer all the benefits of handwritten code, but with the performance of the framework.
  • Economical: And of course, Angular is open source, so the price is right!

4) Each tool has its drawback, what are the disadvantages of Angular 2?

The disadvantages of Angular 2 are:

    • Confusing: Since there are many ways to complete a task, it can be difficult, especially for newcomers, to choose the right way to complete a task.
    • Steep learning curve: On the other hand, if you don’t know TypeScript, you better learn it because it’s introduced in Angular 2. The basic features are easy, but when you move on to advanced concepts, the curve becomes steep.
    • This is a completely different animal: If you like and are used to Angular, you are shocked, because Angular 2 is a total redesign.
    • Slow user interface: If you work with more than 2,000 observers, be prepared for a long lag.
    • Inconsistent documentation: Due to a fragmented community, there is a lack of clear, well-written, consistent documentation.
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5) List the features of the Angular 2 Framework.

The features are:

      • Components – Used to build applications in various modules
      • Services – Sets of code that are shared between different codes within a single application
      • TypeScript – JavaScript superset supported by Microsoft

6) What are the main components of Angular 2?

The main components are:

      • Component – Combines the modules
      • Metadata – Adds more data to the Angular JS class
      • Modules – Breaks the application into logical pieces of code, with each module performing one task
      • Service – Creates a component that can be shared throughout the application
      • Templates – Defines the views of the Angular JS application

7) Name the three modular arrays

In this Angular 2 interview question, try to explain the modular array, not just name them. The modules break your applications into logical boundaries. They are in alphabetical order:

      • Bootstrap array – tells Angular which components to load so you can access the functionality
      • Export Array – Sends components, directives, and channels to be used in other modules.
      • Array Import – Imports functionality from other Angular modules

8) What is EventEmitter?

This is a class in the Angular framework that broadcasts custom events.

9) What is the Angular 2 Directive?

Directives are custom HTML elements used to extend the power of HTML.

10) Explain the route.

Routing helps to direct users to different pages depending on what option they have chosen on the main page. Therefore, the required angular component, which is displayed to the user, is determined by the option he has chosen.

11) What does Cli mean and what does it do?

This means the command line interface and is used to create the Angular application. It also helps to create an application unit and test from end to end.

12) Describe Lazy Loading.

This is a technique in which instead of loading an entire web page and providing it to the user at once, only the desired section is loaded and the rest of the content is delayed until needed, if at all.

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13) Discuss the tsconfig.json file.

The file is used to provide the Typescript options that will be used for the Angular project.

14) Discuss the differences between ActivatedRoute and RouterState in the context of Angular 2.

The differences are as follows:

Route activated RouterState
  • ActivatedRoute consists of the route data associated with a component that is loaded in the output.
  • ActivatedRouteSnapchat is required to traverse all activated routes.
  • ActivatedRouteSnapshot contains old data. When the route is changed, ActivateRouteSnapshot saves the data from the original route.
  • RouterState represents the actual state of the writer.
  • The router creates a RouterStateSnapshot during navigation after all redirects have been applied.
  • RouterState, on the other hand, focuses on the arrangement of application components.

15) What is a pipe?

The tubes edit, transform and format the data in the template. Eventually pipes accepts input and transforms it into output into something we want.

16) What is a directive?

The directives add behavior to existing DOM elements. They design reusable components.

17) What is the AOT compilation and what are its pros and cons?

AOT is an acronym for Ahead of Time. Instead of being compiled in the browser at runtime, components and templates are compiled during construction, they are converted to native JavaScript and HTML.

On the plus side, AOT offers faster download and display times. In addition, construction time errors are easier to detect.

On the downside, AOT creates large JavaScript packages once the compilation is done, which contradicts what AOT is all about. In addition, AOT only works with HTML and CSS. Finally, it requires a cleaning step.

18) How do you deal with errors in the Angular application?

All Angular applications have an error handling option. Just turn on the ReactJS capture library, then use the catch function. The catch function, in turn, contains a link that sends you to the error handling function. When you are in the error handling feature, you send the error in question to the console, while sending the error back to the main program to ensure continued operation of the main program.

Once all this is in place, when a future error occurs, it will be redirected to the browser error console.

19) Define the role of decorator in Angular 2.

Decorators identify an object type or class that is created by TypeScript as a corner component. Decorators provide additional metadata that dictates how the component should be processed and used when running.

20) Can you convert a string to a date?

Here’s what the syntax looks like:

The date of this lesson is {{newdate | date: “MM / dd / yy”}}

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Rock Your Angualr 2 Interview!

As mentioned earlier, developers who know Angular programming can earn a very lucrative salary. As mobile applications become more popular, there are more career opportunities in programming. This is a market for employees! And to do this job, knowing the answers to the corner 2 interview questions is paramount!

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