Do you want to implement a best-in-class candidate evaluation system? Thankfully, there are several excellent pre-employment assessment tools available that may assist you in looking beyond the portfolio to locate the appropriate individuals and more efficiently develop top teams.

Talent assessments provide HR departments with useful information about their prospects and help them make better hiring decisions. We’ve compiled a list of top 8 talent assessment tools to think over when looking for a solution to your assessment needs. To help even more, we look at the advantages of talent assessment tools, the most common error made when choosing tools, best practises to follow, and how to get started with an assessment marketplace.

HR Avatar

Human resource Avatar provides simulation-based pre-employment assessments that assess cognitive capacity and work expertise, among other things. The assessments are animated rather than text-based, and they imitate real-world scenarios.


One stop shop of online skills tests is eSkill. The company’s customised examinations cover more than 500 professional areas, including human Resources, sales, admin, IT, and accounting for employment in industries role in health care to hospitality. From Coca-Cola to Amazon, FedEx to Paychex, eSkill has over 4,000 clients throughout the world.


Career Stack Innovation Pvt. Ltd. has introduced HackerEarth, a technical skills evaluation portal. This is a web-based community and evaluation platform where programmers may create profiles, network with like-minded programmers, link existing programming projects from other sites such as GitHub, practise programming skills, and participate in coding tasks during recruiting drives. The tech evaluation platform then uses skill-based assessment and analytics to screen technical talent.


It is a tool that allows you to design your own workouts and personalise programming assessments for any programming languages or technology. You may also select from a variety of broad assessments, such as arithmetic and verbal reasoning. To assist you in making better recruiting selections, TestDome analyses the candidates’ code and replies.

Great Learning Academy

It is a free career and job preparedness portal created by Great Learning and aimed at college students and recent grads. The website provides high-quality career preparation courses and diploma courses, as well as live sessions and mock interviews, to equip users with crucial skills for job interviews, job-readiness exams, and job postings from over a hundred recruiting partners.


It is a technological recruiting tool that allows you to evaluate programmers through programming challenges and online tech interviews. Create tests, analyse applicants’ code, and interact with the top candidates using Codility.


Adaface is an AI-powered solution for automating first-round technology interviews and evaluating software applicants. Ada, a smart chatbot that can ask and answer technical questions, engage in technical talks with applicants, give information, and more, is the star of the show.


The Applied platform identifies the top talent that may go unnoticed by using anonymized applications and skill-based assessments. Their data-driven strategy revolutionises the hiring process, resulting in consistently high-quality recruits. Every stage of the procedure is designed with the goal of making recruiting ethical and scientific.


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