In the smartphone industry, a year is very long as well as short. This means that many things can happen in a year and nothing can happen in a year. Time for smartphone brands is like a stream, if you don’t move forward, you will fall back. This is true for most smartphone brands, especially manufacturers in a fiercely competitive environment. Recently, Chnbrand, China’s leading brand evaluation and brand consulting agency, released the 2022 China Customer Satisfaction Index – Mobile Phone Satisfaction Ranking. Mobile China found that consumer satisfaction with Chinese mobile phone manufacturers has changed a lot. However, significant changes have occurred only in the last two years

The 2022 smartphone customer satisfaction ranking shows the top nine smartphone brands. The smartphone brands with the highest customer satisfaction are

  • An apple
  • Huawei
  • Xiaomi
  • OPPO
  • honour
  • iQOO
  • Redmi
  • Vivo
  • Samsung

Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi are the top three brands with the highest customer satisfaction (C-CSI). C-CSI scores for these three brands are 86.2, 85.5 and 83.1 respectively. Comparing this top 3 ranking with the one from 2021, there are no significant changes. However, looking at the 4-9 standings, there are many changes. OPPO directly climbed 4 places to rank fourth; Honor drops 1 spot to rank fifth, while iQOO and Redmi are newcomers to the list, ranking sixth and seventh respectively. Vivo and Samsung drop 3 and 2 places respectively to rank eighth and ninth respectively.

customer satisfaction

Assessing customer satisfaction

The C-CSI score is evaluated based on the three dimensions including “customer loyalty”, “overall satisfaction” and “factor satisfaction”. In the competition between Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi, Apple’s customer loyalty score reaches 86.8. This is much higher than Huawei’s 81.0. However, in the other two aspects, Apple scores 87.4 points and 84.6 points respectively, which is lower than Huawei’s 88.0 points and 85.3 points. So, comparing Apple to Huawei, the latter is lower than the latter in terms of user loyalty.

Xiaomi’s user loyalty in third place is even worse, with a score of 76.3 points, and the other two scores are 86.6 points and 83.9 points, respectively. From the ranking, we can see that overall customer satisfaction with Xiaomi smartphones is high. In addition to Xiaomi, OPPO’s user loyalty also exceeds 70 points, more precisely 72.2 points. In addition, the overall satisfaction score also reached 82.2 points, leaving other mobile phone manufacturers on the list behind.

Changes in smartphone customer satisfaction rankings over the past 3 years

For reference, the top nine brands in terms of mobile phone satisfaction in 2021 are Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Honor, Vivo, OnePlus, Samsung, OPPO and Meizu. The top nine smartphone customer satisfaction rankings in 2020 are Huawei, Apple, OPPO, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, Meizu, Honor and Lenovo. We can consider 2021 as the year of the “rise” of Xiaomi and Honor. Compared to 2020, Xiaomi and Honor will rise 3 and 4 places respectively in the satisfaction ranking in 2021.


Among them, compared to 2020, Xiaomi’s customer loyalty will increase by about 9 points in 2021. The company’s overall satisfaction will increase by about 5 points. In addition, the satisfaction factor will increase by 5.5 points; compared to 2020, Honor customer loyalty will increase by 7 points. For more points, overall satisfaction will increase by about 15 points and factor satisfaction by about 9 points. In one year, the improvement in fame is huge.

Vivo’s ranking has not changed and remains in 5th place. OnePlus took 6th place on the list for the first time, while Samsung, OPPO and Meizu dropped 3, 5 and 2 places to 7th, 8th and 9th respectively. Among them, OPPO has fallen the most. Compared to 2020, OPPO’s customer loyalty in 2021 will drop by about 8 points. In addition, his overall satisfaction will drop by more than 10 points, and his factor satisfaction will drop by about 6 points.

To summarize, Apple and Huawei have been moving to the #1 and #2 positions for the past three years. Both brands score very high and stable user satisfaction. Xiaomi has been in the top three for the past two years. OPPO goes through ups and downs but its strength is still there. Honor is “counterattacking” while Samsung and Meizu are not as good as a year earlier.

The ups and downs of mobile phone manufacturers over the past 8 years


The development of mobile phone manufacturers has almost stabilized until 2022. Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and now Honor are the “major mobile phone manufacturers” in terms of sales. From 2015 to 2022, there were several changes in the smartphone industry.

In 2015, Chinese mobile phone brands experienced a slow growth rate, with many brands replacing their stock. Smartphone penetration among mainstream Chinese consumer groups tends to be saturated and the smartphone demographic dividend is disappearing. In 2015, the top 6 mobile phone brands in Chnbrand’s smartphone customer satisfaction ranking were: Apple, Xiaomi, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei and Lenovo. At that time, Apple’s customer loyalty, overall satisfaction, and factor satisfaction scores were 84.8 points, 74.7 points, and 70.0 points, respectively. Those of Xiaomi were 77.2 points, 70.2 points and 61.6 points respectively.


In 2016, however, Huawei began to counterattack and 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 were four years of prosperity. In 2016, a total of 18 brands entered the ranking for customer satisfaction. They are Apple, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Vivo, Sony, Nokia, Motorola, OPPO, Meizu, Lenovo, Gionee, ZTE, Tianyu, HTC, Haier and Coolpad. In the face of fierce competition, although Nokia and Lenovo scored higher than the previous year, their rankings were declining.


In 2017, it was even more exaggerated, with a total of 24 models on the list. In order: Huawei, Apple, vivo, Samsung, Honor, LeTV, OPPO, Xiaomi, Meizu, LG, ZTE, Gionee, Sony, Nokia, Lenovo, Motorola, TCL, Duowei, Haier, Tianyu, Changhong, HTC, Coolpad and Philips . This year many brands have appeared from all over. Honor and LeTV scored well for the first time on the list; Vivo, OPPO and ZTE continued to rise; Xiaomi, LG, Sony and Nokia continued to decline.


In 2018, the fluctuation started for many smartphone brands. The ranking is Apple, Huawei, OPPO, Samsung, Lenovo, Gionee, Xiaomi, Vivo, Philips, Honor, Sony, Tianyu, LG, Meizu, Haier, Nokia, Motorola, HTC, TCL, ZTE, Changhong and Coolpad. OPPO, Lenovo, Gionee, Philips and other brands rose significantly while Vivo, Honor, LG, Meizu, Nokia, Motorola and ZTE fell in the rankings.


In 2019, Vivo, Honor, Motorola, Nokia, ZTE and other brands made great efforts and their rankings rose one after another. This year, the top 10 brands were Huawei, Apple, Vivo, OPPO, Honor, Samsung, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Sony, Philips, etc., which are generally well-known brands.


In 2020, Meizu made an effort to enter the top 10. Mobile phone manufacturers ranked 1-9 are: Huawei, Apple, OPPO, Samsung, Vivo, Xiaomi, Meizu, Honor and Lenovo.


By 2021, Honor and Xiaomi continue to put in effort and come in 3rd and 4th place respectively. By 2022, these crossover brands are unlikely to be seen on the list. Even sub-brands of major manufacturers like iQOO and Redmi have started making the list.


From 2015 to 2022, the mobile phone market has gradually stabilized and “the strong are always strong”. The sub-brands launched by the major manufacturers also began to bear fruit and gain a reputation in the market. But will this situation last long? Not necessarily.

Top 9 smartphone brands that offer the highest customer satisfaction

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