We are rushing in the middle of 2022, no matter how crazy it sounds! Here are some great new games to lock yourself in your mother’s basement.

During the first period of the year there was a densely populated list of game editions, but how the coming months are arranged. Let’s dive into some of the latest releases that you will be able to buy (and play) on your computer this month and beyond …

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There was a 3-year hiatus from the last Lego game, an omission that led to a redesign of the elements of the game that will apply to the latest title. Notable changes include the battle, which has remained largely the same for more than 15 years. The Skywalker Saga will allow playback versions of all nine Starwars movies in unison and can be purchased through steam for about £ 40 mark.

There’s certainly a simple beauty to Lego games, and that goes really well with the storylines encapsulated in the Starwars movies. Surely you know what you get with this, you should definitely buy for the fans, which will provide hours of relaxed fun.

Sefoni is the work of Japanese game developers Melos Han-Tani & Marine Kittaka. It’s certainly a little easier to define than the Lego Starwars title we just looked at, but it seems to include more of an arcade style.

Add this arcade-style gameplay to a more surreal world of pastel colors, allowing you to play both 2D and 3D elements and begin to understand what Sephonie will be. Players run, jump and ride their way through an abstract world, playing mini-games while walking. Also available on Steam, as the price has not yet been confirmed, this game leaves a little more to the imagination than most versions. Remember to learn more when it falls.

In short, this title is fantastic madness. Made by; designed by Activate Happy Interactive studios, the trailer shows the main character (cyborg) Johnny Turbo, who makes a cut rifle, using his foot on a chainsaw as a tool for this.

The story sees the aforementioned Mr. Turbo in a quest to rid the city of Paradise of a fraudulent AI called Syn. The graphics are intense and eye-catching, the gameplay is frantic and varied. All things considered, this is quite an exciting title. You can take this through (yes, you guessed it) steamor GOG, and the release date is April 22, 2022.

If you like tactically based RPGs, this is definitely a really great title. Set in medieval Britain, you can play as Sir Mordred and have the task of leading your knights on a mission to assassinate the evil King Arthur to prevent him from turning the United Kingdom into a distorted anti-utopian land. Much of the game is centered around battles, with your knights brandishing huge swords at their enemies – inflicting damage when deployed.

IN King Arthur: The Knight’s Tale You will face a huge number of enemies in your quest to overthrow the king. This game has actually been in pre-release for a while, as it is a Kickstarter-funded project (developed by Neocore games), but the full release is April.

Top PC Games Released This Month and beyond

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