Play almost any major online racing game long enough and you’re bound to come across some toxic players saying offensive things in voice or text chat. It’s Activision I do a little more deal with these jerks with more in-depth moderation tools Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty Warzone 2.0.

When they confirm that a player has engaged in toxic voice or text chat, game moderation teams now have the option to mute that person in all chat channels. So while their remarks may not warrant an outright ban, players who abuse in-game chat may find themselves muted. Activision will still rely on users to flag disruptive players through in-game reports. Riot Games, on the other hand, has begun proactive monitoring Valorant toxicity voice chat.

Before they start playing Modern Warfare II or Warzone 2.0, players must read and agree to a code of conduct. This includes confirming that they will not engage in bullying or harassment, nor make bigoted comments.

Also, when reporting a problematic Call of Duty player, you’ll be able to add more context. The reporting system now includes a dialog where you can explain what happened in more detail. Activision says it will use these tools in all future Call of Duty titles.

These moderation tools are not particularly new. For one thing, Overwatch has long allowed players to enter their reasons for reporting someone. However, Modern Warfare II is already one of the biggest games around as it builds up over $1 billion in sales in just 10 days. There is no doubt about that Warzone 2.0 will also have a large player base once this game goes live on November 16th. Having better moderation tools to curb destructive jerks and offer a more positive experience for other players is rarely a bad thing.

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