The upcoming Transformers: Earthspark series could bring people closer than ever to the battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons, and a new line of action figures unveiled at San Diego Comic-Con provides an early look at new and familiar characters appearing in the series .

Transformers EarthSpark Spin Changer Bumblebee with Moe Malto figure.


The new line of Transformers figures debuted Friday at San Diego Comic-Con for early 2023, and includes a look at Transformers mainstays like Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron along with new Transformers said to be the first born of The Earth.

The series will also introduce a human family into the fray, and among the reveals is a bee figure that transforms with the help of 9-year-old Moe Malto. This $30 Bumblebee Transformers EarthSpark Spin Changer figure completes the car-to-robot transformation by attaching the 2-inch Malto figure to the robot’s arm.

transformers earthspark action figure on twitch

Twitch, as seen here in the Transformers EarthSpark Deluxe assortment, is one of the new Earth-born Terran robots in the series.


The EarthSpark Deluxe Assortment will include a new Terran character Twitch along with Bumblebee and Megatron. These 5-inch figures will cost $20 and convert to 11 to 21 steps. These three figures will include a buildable figure piece that, when assembled, can create show villain Dr. Meridian “Mandroid.”

transformers earthspark elita 1 figure

Elita-1, seen here in the Transformers EarthSpark Warrior Class, will join Optimus Prime and Skywarp in the 5-inch line.


Transformers EarthSpark Warrior Class features a 5-inch line of transforming robots that will include Optimus Prime, Elita-1 and Skywarp. This line will cost $15.

Transformers Earthspark tacticon action figures

The Transformers EarthSpark Tacticon range transforms with one step and just one finger when transforming from vehicle to robot.


For faster transformations, both the Transformers EarthSpark Tacticon Assortment and the 1-Step Flip Changer Assortment offer quick ways to change robots from vehicle to robot. Tacticon figures – which will cost $8 – will transform from vehicle to robot in one step with one finger, and transforming back is also one step. These include Bumblebee, Optimus Prime and Megatron.

transformers earthspark one step flip figures

Transformers EarthSpark 1-Step Flip Changer Assortment transforms by throwing the robot figure into the air, landing in vehicle mode.


The 1-Step Flip Changer figures transform by flipping the robot figure in the air, and upon landing it will automatically return to vehicle mode. Transforming back into robot mode is done in one step. This collection will cost $10 and will include Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Wheeljack.

The TV series on which these figures are based is set to air on Paramount Plus this November.

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