EPC announces the introduction of EPC7007 radiation hardened GaN FET. EPC7007 has a total dose value greater than 1 Mrad and SEE immunity for LET of 85 MeV / (mg / cm)2). These devices come in a chipset, the same as the commercial eGaN FET and the IC family. Packaged versions will be available from EPC Space.

Compared to solid silicon devices with similar RDSonThe EPC7007 offers 40 times less Qd and QGDzero reverse recovery (QRR). and the size is 40 times smaller. With higher breakthrough strength, lower gate charge, lower switching losses, better thermal conductivity and very low resistance, GaN-based power supplies far outperform silicon-based devices and allow higher frequencies. switching, resulting in higher power density, higher efficiency, and a more compact and lighter scheme for critical space missions. GaN devices also support higher overall radiation levels and SEE LET levels than silicon solutions.

Applications that take advantage of the EPC7007’s performance and rapid deployment include DC-DC power, motor drives, lidar, deep probes and ion boosters for space applications, satellites and avionics.

“EPC’s GaN technology enables a new generation of power conversion and space propulsion, operating at higher frequencies, higher efficiencies and higher power densities than ever before.” “The EPC7007 offers designers a solution with dignity that is 50 times better than best-in-class silicon-hard drive devices,” said Alex Lidow, CEO and co-founder of EPC. “The EPC7007 extends the voltage range of our Rad Hard family to 200 V and provides designers with a solution that is significantly less and cheaper than silicon.

Reprinted with permission.


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