LAURNSVILLE, GA – Trenton Systems has secured a purchase order worth several million dollars from a major U.S. defense contractor for air intelligence application. The integration of safe, made in the USA computers are a critical component of this program along with a serious focus on lightweight rack servers.

The customer chose Trenton because of the modularity and SWaP-C optimization of their solutions, which help reduce overall cost of ownership over time due to Trenton’s extended life cycle. This ongoing deployment represents the customer’s commitment to Trenton’s current and next-generation technologies.

Trenton’s 1U BAM FM, for example, is equipped with two interchangeable front processor blades, each with dual processors and a fixed, customized I / O board for extensive configurability and easy access. Essentially two systems in one, enclosed in a slight chassis with a small depth.

For airborne applications, 1U BAM FM takes up very little physical space, offers the operator toolless interaction with the system and saves overall fuel costs as the weight of the solution is minimal but at the same time adheres to the strict military standards required on board aircraft. for optimal edge representation.

With two 4you Generation Intel Xeon scalable processors and high-speed Ethernet, 1U BAM FM helps improve AI / ML / DL workloads and real-time big data analysis, boosting the output needed for electronic warfare (EW), C6ISR and signal intelligence ) applications.

The support of major military and various defense contractors with high-performance US-made calculations is crucial as the Department of Defense grows to increase chip production, hardware production and assembly, and risk management in the supply chain across the spectrum.

Trenton’s commitment to this mission continues to play a key role in providing the Armed Forces with the equipment they need to advance technologically in all areas of the battlefield.

Trenton Systems’ robust, secure, U.S.-built, high-performance PCs provide immediate, applicable insights to raise awareness and reduce response time at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

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