Twitter shook its top management. The first move came as a consumer product leader This was announced by Kaiwon Bakepur on Twitter the current CEO, Parag Agraval, “asked me to leave after telling me he wanted to take the team in another direction.”

Bruce Falk, general revenue manager and product manager for his business country, confirmed in (now deleted) tweet that he too had been fired by Agraval.

In an unexpected turn, on Thursday night Parag Agraval himself answers to both threads, thanking the men he had fired, and admiring their work.

Jay Sullivan, with whom we spoke in March about Twitter’s plans to add 100 million daily users, will now take over as both product manager and interim revenue manager. These moves come at a time when Elon Musk is moving forward with his $ 44 billion purchase of Twitter, although he has not yet taken ownership of the company.

In a note to employees received from On the edgeAgrawal wrote: “At the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, it was decided to invest aggressively in order to achieve great audience and revenue growth, and as a company we have not achieved intermediate stages that allow for confidence in these goals.”

Twitter spokesman Adrian Zamora confirmed the changes, saying in a statement to On the edge“We can confirm that Kaiwon Bakepour and Bruce Falk are leaving Twitter. Jay Sullivan is Bluebird’s new GM and Goldbird’s temporary GM. As of this week, we are pausing most hires and fillings, except for business-critical roles. We deduct non-labor costs to ensure that we are responsible and efficient. ”

As its product leader and recently GM consumer, Beykpour has led the development of many of its greatest features and design changes over the past few years. This is a surprising change: Agraval just reorganized its executive team a few months ago with the departure of design and engineering leaders on Twitter, leaving Beykpour at the top of consumer products.

Beykpour has been on Twitter since 2015 after acquiring Periscope, the live streaming company he co-founded. As Twitter folds Periscope’s live streaming features into its core app, Beykpour is moving into the larger company, becoming its consumer product manager in 2018 and watching an unusually productive period of feature launches in the coming years. Periscope was finally closed last year.

IN own threadBruce Falk thanked the engineers he worked with and said: “When everything is said and done, the work is important: We upgraded our ad serving, forecasting, analysis, attribution, billing, API and many other systems, significantly improving our reliability and scalability. ”

Although Falck’s work is less visible to users than Beykpour’s, he has appeared in the news of changes to Twitter in the way it handles advertising, and said he will review subscriptions to reduce his reliance on revenue. advertising. It is also worth mentioning that Casey Newton announced that Falck’s backyard hosted a chance meeting between Beykpour and Instagram leader Adam Moseri, which was part of the Instagram process, which is finally supporting image visualizations for your Twitter connections.

Updated May 12, 1:55 PM ET: Added details of the note received from On the edge and statements from Twitter PR.

Updated May 12, 8:37 PM ET: Added Tweets from Parag Agrawal.

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