Twitter Blue subscribers can now edit their tweets for up to an hour after posting, double the previous 30-minute time limit. The feature was initially available to Twitter Blue subscribers when it went official last year. Only allows changes to original tweets, not replies.

The update comes after Elon Musk expressed interest in buying Twitter, but before doing so. Even after Musk revamped Blue and installed new CEO Linda Yaccarino, the edit button remains a key feature of the subscription package, which also offers a blue verified checkmark label and the ability to write posts of up to 4,000 characters.

Twitter Blue subscribers can now edit tweets up to one hour after posting

The Twitter support page for Blue has received an update to reflect the new one-hour limit. But many blue-tagged speakers have complained that various parts of the package don’t work for them. The reduced ads feature that has been touted since the November relaunch has not yet been released. In addition, some Twitter users are still waiting for the ad revenue split that Musk promised in February. He recently said that it is still in the works and will be backdated to his original announcement.

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Despite these problems, the presence of editing did not cause major problems. And direct access to the history of edited tweets usually makes changes easy to spot. Twitter has been cautious with the feature, and it seems to have hit the right spot. However, slow signups for Twitter Blue may be a cause for concern. As well as reports that Twitter is not paying rent and other fees. Now the company costs only a third of the price musk paid for it last year. Advertising sales for five weeks this spring are reported to be down 59 percent from the same period last year.

In conclusion, the new one-hour editing window for Twitter Blue subscribers is a welcome update. But Twitter still faces challenges in rolling out other features promised in the subscription package. The company’s financial struggles and slow consumer adoption may also hinder its ability to deliver on those promises and remain competitive in the social media market.

Twitter has doubled the time to edit tweets to one hour!

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