Twitter has updated its privacy policy to help you understand how it processes your data, but is not convinced that this is enough. There is a social network starts a Data Dash a game that hopes to help you understand the more complex parts of the new policy in simpler words. It’s basically a simple platformer that gets you to target your dog’s data around unwanted ads (for cats, of course), navigate spam messages, and avoid trolls. Complete a level and learn more about Twitter’s approach and how you can take control of the experience.

Data Dash it won’t exactly challenge hardcore gamers, and the mechanics are a bit rough. However, the 8-bit retro style is cute (if not original), and the easy gameplay makes you more likely to learn something instead of giving up disappointment.

The biggest problem may just be the tone. Although the game is brilliant, the problems it deals with are potentially serious – we doubt that people will enjoy it if they have been targeted for harassment or hate speech. Data Dash it is more for newcomers and other innocents who want to wrap their heads around the concepts of confidentiality before confronting the sobering reality.

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