Its “PoroGaN platform makes it possible for each individual small epivafer LED to emit all colors from the visible spectrum,” according to the company. “At this stage, the concept proof displays are adjustable in one color, with the same brightness and color for display products in micrometer and nanometer space.”

PoroGaN and dynamic pixel technology are paving the way for monolithic full-color RGB displays, he added.

Customizable monochrome?

“The wavelength of the light emitted is what adjusts,” Porotech told Electronics Weekly. “This is a monochrome display in which only one color can be displayed at a time, but this color can be changed / adjusted.”

The platform also allows a one-step process of connecting a plate to a plate to create a microdisplay.

“In the case of microdisplays, this eliminates the need for transfer by allowing the epivafla to be connected to the backplane in one step,” said Tongtong Zhu, CEO and co-founder of Porotech. “Simplifying the process provides high returns.”

See booth R23 in Zone I of the Week on display at the San Jose Convention Center on May 10-12. Ju is also among the speakers at the business conference on May 9.

UK GaN micro-LED display at San Jose Display Week

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