Radar operators operating in Waddington of the Royal Air Force (RAF) of the United Kingdom moved to the new air traffic control center at RAF Coningsby.

The new center is the first step in the UK’s Department of Defense (MoD) Marshall program to upgrade air traffic management services to various units in the UK Armed Forces.

In 2014, the Defense Ministry’s Defense Equipment and Support (DE&S) procurement department awarded Marshall a $ 1.83 billion (£ 1.5 billion) contract to Aquila Air Traffic Management Services, a joint venture between Thales UK and NATS. formerly National Air Traffic Services).

The new Centralized Central Air Traffic Control Center (TATCC) will allow radar operators in the approach control room from different units to perform their duties from a centralized alternate location.

Although Waddington’s radar operators have moved to the new center, the site’s visual inspection room will continue to operate.

The final achievement comes after the successful installation of various air traffic control equipment, which was put into operation at RAF Coningsby in March 2022.

In the new center, radar operators will have access to a range of high-quality, reliable and safe tools such as sensors and radar displays. These tools will help them monitor and control air traffic more accurately.

Later this year, RAF Cranwell radar operators responsible for servicing Cranwell and Barkston Heath radar services will also move to the new TATCC in Coningsby.

New Lincolnshire TATCC Squadron Commander Kirsty Fordham said: “The Marshall Program is a change in the way we provide air traffic services in the busy Lincolnshire area.

“The introduction of these advanced systems will provide us with increased capacity, flexibility and reliability to support military flights; now and in the future. “

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