~ EMS for demonstration of FAULHABER BXT-SC series and stepper motor AM3248 ~

Small DC motor the supplier Electro Mechanical Systems (EMS) will exhibit the FAULHABER BXT-SC series and the AM3248 stepper motor at this year’s Design Engineering Expo, held at the NEC in Birmingham from 8 to 9 June 2022. Hub for British designers, the show will provide the best EMS platform to showcase the latest range of FAULHABER DC servomotors, of which it is the only supplier in the United Kingdom.

At the exhibition, EMS will showcase the latest brushless DC servomotors with integrated speed controllers, ideal for applications in the smallest spaces requiring high torque. This range of FAULHABER drives combines the advantages of brushless DC servomotors with diameter-appropriate control electronics that extend the motor by only 6.2 mm. Because FAULHABER’s BXT-SC series can be combined with a variety of precision gearboxes, it can be applied to a wide variety of market sectors such as pumps, hand-held devices, laboratory equipment and industrial automation systems.

EMS will also showcase FAULHABER’s new stepper motor, designed for demanding positioning tasks that require a high level of accuracy. Stepper motors, such as the AM3248, are ideal for precise positioning. The AM3248’s motor contains rare earth permanent magnets, allowing a high power-to-volume ratio. It is compatible with planetary gearboxes and electronic motion controllers.

“Exhibiting the FAULHABER BXT-SC range and AM3248 stepper motors at this year’s Design Engineering Expo will give visitors an insight into precision applications with robust installation, high speed range and exceptional performance even in the harshest environments,” said Stuart Goulding. , Managing Director at EMS.

“Thanks to the large number of motor poles, the FAULHABER BXT-SC series is capable of high torque and speed rigidity in tight installation spaces, while offering a modular mounting concept,” added Goulding. “In addition, our Motion Manager software and programming adapters offer easy and convenient programming to suit individual requirements.

“Stepper motors can quickly accelerate and change direction, while being capable of full, semi- and micro-step operations. The new AM3248 stepper motor has a special holding torque of 152 mNm at high current and is capable of 48 revolutions. All FAULHABER stepper motors are of two-phase variety, which guarantees excellent compatibility with control electronics, simplifying integration or motors in new and existing systems.

EMS also offers a range of custom design and manufacturing services that include mechanisms for various sectors, including the automotive, medical, metrological, petrochemical and personal health industries.

To learn more about EMS and product offerings, visit www.ems-limited.co.uk or visit booth 147 of the Design Engineering Expo on June 8-9, 2022.

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