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US President Joe Biden did it signed a new bill to streamline defense aid supplies to Ukraine as the European country continues to fight the Russian invasion.

The new legislation, the Law on Land Leasing for the Defense of Democracy of Ukraine of 2022, removes certain requirements for lending or leasing of military equipment to Ukraine until fiscal 2023. Exceptions are expected to speed up arms supplies to Kyiv.

However, weapons lent to Ukraine will be subject to all applicable laws related to the return of such equipment.

The changes will benefit other Eastern European countries besides Ukraine.

In a statement, the US Department of Defense (DoD) said: “Under current law, payments received under leasing agreements with foreign countries are deposited with the Treasury Department as miscellaneous receipts and are classified as direct costs.

“This act may increase the amounts deposited in the treasury if the administration leases or leases equipment that it would not otherwise provide under applicable law.

The United States passed a similar law during World War II to help the United Kingdom, France, China, the Soviet Union and other allied powers.

According to Land Lease, about $ 50.1 billion in supplies were provided to the United States during the war. The figure is equivalent to 690 billion dollars in 2020.

Separately, Spirit of America, a US-based non-profit charity that supports troops and veterans, sent nearly 50 tons of non-lethal aid to Ukrainian troops stationed in the country’s eastern military zone.

The aid includes bulletproof vests, helmets, combat boots and first aid kits.

Canada recently announced additional military aid to Ukraine.


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