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As a mechanical engineer, I have the recipe for going through the pandemic: Don’t waste time watching TV and waiting for Covid-19 to pass. Instead, use the time to help your career by taking online training courses.

My interest in data science and artificial intelligence led me to decide to enroll in Simplilearn’s Master of Science in Science program, and so far I have won an impressive collection of certificates.

Postgraduate program in data science

The best ticket for the best roles in data scienceTake a course

I buckled up and completed my certification in Tableau, R, Python, Machine Learning, Big Data Hadoop and Tableau in just two and a half months, which would usually take about six months. When I thought about the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided it was the best time to improve.

Satisfactory learning experience

The learning experience was a rewarding use of my time.

Congratulations to Simplilearn on the high quality teachers and the way they conduct the live sessions. For me, it was like one-on-one mentoring, because I could solve all my questions at once. The way I move forward, I feel very confident.

Last but not least, I really want to thank Simplilearn and urge you to be safe, stay inside and start learning from home.

To start expanding your study journey, go to Simplilearn and find a course that is perfect for you.

Looking forward to becoming a data specialist? Check out the Data Science Bootcamp program and get certified today.

Note from Simplilearn on Data Science

The Data Scientist master’s program, in collaboration with IBM, provides extensive, in-depth training in the most sought-after skills in data science and machine learning. It is also ranked as the number one course in data science India today.

What makes Simplilearn perfect for the weather is that it offers a comprehensive online training camp. The Data Scientist master’s program combines online tutorials led by live instructors with self-study videos. At the end of the course, students tackle a major project by building an industry-related product to reinforce the content of the program.

Data scientists are engaged in fascinating work. They work to understand business problems and make recommendations backed by data. They are also in high demand, with Glassdoor ranking second in the top 50 in 2021.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects data science jobs to increase by about 28 percent by 2026, or approximately 11.5 million new jobs.

In addition, there is a healthy salary for scientists according to data. According to Forbesthe current average base salary for top-level data science managers is $ 250,000 and $ 160,000 for experienced individual associates. Glass door points out that the average salary of scientists in India is 1,000,000 rupees a year.

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