The United States Marine Corps (USMC) has tested new Mk22 Advanced sniper rifle Mod 0, which is planned to replace the old systems M40A6 and Mk13 Mod 7.

The Mk22 Mod 0 rifle is a precision rifle with bolt action, supporting a detachable magazine with ten rounds. It includes an agnostic caliber 7 × 35 Precision Day Optic (PDO) power along with a caliber independent flash and suppressive sound.

Weapons can be customized as required by the mission, including changing barrels and caliber ammunition.

Once equipped, the new rifle will reduce the USMC’s sniper rifle inventory from four to three.

The selection of the Mk22 was a joint effort of the US Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), the Maritime Special Operations Command (MARSOC) and the Marine Corps Systems Command (MCSC).

Instructors from three schools for marine sniper reconnaissance and MARSOC were invited by the MCSC to test the new rifle and related accessories, including optics, suppressors and tripods.

The assessment of the integration took place at the Quantico naval base.

During the evaluation, participants collected data using chronographs and kept diaries of how the rifle handled each barrel and caliber of ammunition. The chronograph is a tool for measuring the speed of the cartridge as it leaves the barrel.

All data collected will be used to make the necessary changes prior to the initial introduction of the rifle system, which is expected to take place in fiscal year (FY) 2023. Additional shooting tests will continue throughout the year.

The Mk22 has a larger range and will also provide the Marine Sniper Community with a reduced logistical footprint.

Sergeant Christopher Fraser said: “It’s definitely more effective. Instead of putting one gun away and taking out the next, we can quickly change the barrels, and then we only have to carry ammunition and that extra barrel, not a whole extra gun and extra stores.

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