Vaisala Industrial Design received an honorary award in one of the most famous design competitions in Finland, the Fennia Prize 2022.

Vaisala, a global instrument manufacturer and provider of meteorological, environmental and industrial measurement solutions, today received recognition for the industrial design of a new Indigo hand tool. This emphasizes the commitment, customer orientation and creative work behind Vaisala’s world-renowned measurement solutions.

“Combining technology and design, the portable Indigo is a key part of the company’s brand. Vaisala is on track to use design in a strategic and customer-oriented way that encompasses product design, brand and communication, ”said the jury.

Handheld Indigo is a portable measuring instrument for industrial use. Special attention is paid to its design, customer experience and usability, as it must be easy to take and work reliably in different measuring environments, while providing the same strength as fixed devices.

“The design goes beyond the look and feel of the products. The design of the product must meet the needs of the customer, as well as the highest standards of accuracy, reliability and ease of use, “says Sauli Laitinenhead of design from Vaisala.

“Essentially, the key area of ​​design expertise is the combination of form and function. Vaisala’s biggest assets in industrial design are a world-class UX team and unsurpassed application knowledge, along with our ability to answer questions our customers didn’t even know they had. ”

The award-winning handmade Indigo will be launched later this year.

The Fennia Award

The Fennia Prize competition rewards companies and organizations that use design strategically in their business operations. The competition is organized every second year by Design Forum Finland and Fennia in cooperation with Elo and the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The mission of Design Forum Finland is to help Finnish companies grow and succeed by using design as a competitive asset.

Fennia Prize 22 is part of the concept of the Design Forum Finland Awards, which includes the other awards of the Design Forum Finland, Kaj Franck Design Prize and Young Designer of the Year.

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