Verizon said the deal was awarded through the US Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) program.

Verizon announced a $1.6 billion agreement to modernize and provide IT services for the U.S. State Department’s embassies, consulates and other global locations.

The deal was awarded through the US Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) program, a $50 billion initiative aimed at helping government agencies update IT and telecommunications infrastructure.

Verizon said the 10-year contract includes implementing and managing network solutions for the division’s overseas footprint, including Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America.

“We are uniquely qualified to provide the State Department with powerful solutions for their global network consolidation and management needs,” said Maggie Halbach, senior vice president of Public Sector at Verizon. “We have been supporting the Department of Defense and other national security and civilian customers with global critical infrastructure and communications for more than three decades.”

It’s the latest in a string of victories for Verizon to modernize the federal network. In July, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) awarded Verizon Public Sector a more than $400 million Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) contract aimed at helping the federal agency meet growing demand for more bandwidth. Task ordering includes 24/7 direct access to Verizon’s IT development team, support for a wide range of applications – such as cloud computing, video streaming and data applications. In addition, Verizon Public Sector will integrate mission-critical technologies and processes into the FBI’s existing IT infrastructure.

Meanwhile, in March, the US Department of Defense (DOD) awarded Verizon Public Sector three Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) orders worth $966.5 million.

Under the Pentagon order, valued at $515.3 million, Verizon will partner with the Department of Defense to transition the entire Pentagon military and civilian population from copper-based telephony to advanced Internet Protocol (IP)-based services, providing converged enterprise environment for the Pentagon voice and data services. This includes converting more than 52,000 voice lines into an integrated IP environment with optimized voice and video services.

The second DOD-NCR award is a $432.9 million contract. As part of this assignment, Verizon will provide essential voice, transportation, Internet and professional services to more than 370 locations within the DOD-NCR. DOD-NCR leads an interagency group responsible for the homeland security and defense of the Washington, DC area and surrounding counties in Virginia and Maryland.

Finally, Verizon received an $18.3 million order to provide communications technology infrastructure, including basic voice, transport, Internet and managed services at Fort Belvoir. The US Army Garrison provides logistics, intelligence, and administrative support to a diverse mix of commands, activities, and agencies in the Washington, DC area.

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