Generative AI. This has been the hot topic for the past few weeks. from Jasper and Stability AI funding to DALL-E 2 open access for all and many other developments, AI-powered visual content creation takes center stage.

Because it is visible, tangible and fun, many marketers and business leaders are starting with visual aspects of their marketing and sales to better understand the concept of artificial intelligence and its role in their marketing and business strategies.

At MAICON 2022, our Chief Content Officer Mike Kaput sat down with Apoorva Dornadula (Viralspace), Stefan Britton (Shutterstock), and Kirk Ivanovski (AnyClip) for a discussion of progress and examples of visual AI at work.

AI can recognize and generate faces, analyze and create videos, and edit and create images. The implications – positive and negative – are profound for marketers, brands and creative professionals.

As AI vision technology races forward in its capabilities, the only real limits seem to be understanding what is possible and having the imagination to realize smarter solutions.

But there’s also a dark side filled with bias and bad actors, and marketers need to be ready for this new reality.

They discussed:

  • The creative possibilities AI unlocks for video and design.
  • Cautionary tales of technology being used for deep fakes and misinformation that can harm your brand and society.
  • Examples of technologies and processes to help you and your team build smarter strategies.

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9 findings from the MAICON 2022 Vision AI panel

1. Computer vision is more than video and pretty images

Computer vision can help us extract data from ads to create a taxonomy of what’s in the ads (copy, image, audio, video). This provides valuable insight into what works for us and our customers.

2. Technology is available to take the guesswork out

For example, Smartly/Viralspace is able to collect information about colors that evoke certain emotions and provide this data to its customers. It helps with strategic meetings, creative ideas, etc.

3. AWS identifies 400+ individual AI use cases for vision

The challenge is not finding a use case, but narrowing down the specific use case for your company and team. Take ours AI Score for Traders to help you.

4. Technology can help you with traditional and latent content

As marketers we are taught to reassign, reassign, reassign! But what happens when your content library and assets are outdated, unbranded, or made by a teammate who is no longer with the company? AI can convert these files for you using OCR, sentiment analysis, speech-to-text, facial recognition, and more. Visual content can (and should) become data, and we need to use our content that we’ve invested so much time in creating.

5. Image generation and generating AI is hot

We see it changing dramatically right after this presentation at MAICON 2022. Whether it’s generating images based on descriptions or even generate video based on images, this technology is advancing and rapidly. Now is the time to get access, get on waiting lists and try out the technology. Image quality has increased exponentially in the past two years. There has been a huge movement in the encoders that develop the images.

6. The human spark is needed now more than ever

As Stefan Britton says, “AI is stupid. It knows nothing. It has no imagination. And this is where the human spark has to come in, because generative AI can only create images based on images it has already seen. So that inherently has some problems.”

People will still need to be there for the new content and for the creation and ideation of concepts.

7. AI has a positive impact not only on marketing but also on other parts of business

Dornadulla explained how her team helped a client use visual artificial intelligence to match SKUs. The marketing team can link this to ads and ad images to link sales to featured products. This can also help the purchasing and operations team with inventory issues.

8. Vision AI can process data at speeds impossible for humans

Kirk Ivanovsky shared how his team ingested a client’s entire library so that the client could query their entire content library. Now that team can use the files, use the data and analytics, inform new content and creative solutions, investments, and more.

9. Marketers will need to develop new skills

AI can delay some jobs, but it can also create jobs. There are certain skills that will be developed now that do not currently exist in the creative workforce. Being able to understand and operate software tools is key.

What would you add?

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