With Visual Studio code 1.67, also known as Edition in April 2022 from the popular Microsoft code editor, special attention is paid to embedding files in Explorer and navigating the Markdown code. The edition also brings updates to the Java extension.

Released on May 5, Visual Studio Code 1.67 can be downloaded from project website for Linux, Windows or Mac.

With the update, the Visual Studio Code Explorer tool for viewing and managing files and folders now supports inserting linked files based on names. Settings to control this behavior include explorer.fileNesting.enabledwhich allows you to activate the embedding globally or for a specific workspace; explorer.fileNesting.expand, which controls whether attachments are expanded by default; and explorer.fileNesting.patternswhich controls how files are inserted. File embedding was available experimentally for several iterations.

Visual Studio Code 1.67 also introduces a number of Markdown navigation features. The editor now allows you to run Find All References in Markdown header files, which allows developers to see all the places where a header is used within the current workspace, including links from other Markdown files. VS Code now supports finding all reference links in the current file, finding all references to a Markdown file in the current workspace, and finding all places where a URL is used in the current workspace.

Meanwhile, new support for renaming Markdown allows VS Code users to rename headers or a reference link to a Markdown file. Renaming a header will update all known links to the header in the current workspace, while renaming a reference link will update all reference links in the current file. Also, Markdown links can be created by dragging and dropping Explorer files into the Markdown editor.

Other new features and enhancements in Visual Studio Code 1.67:

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