Vivo is expected to launch three new models in May, including the X100s, X100s Pro and X100 Ultra. The X100s phones will offer a clean experience compared to the previous X100 models. Previously, the standard Vivo X100 and X100 Pro models were equipped with the Dimensity 9300 processor. However, Vivo takes it a step further by introducing the Dimensity 9300 Plus processor for the X100s models. Vivo is expected to be the first to introduce this new processor. Additionally, benchmark results of the X100s model with the Dimensity 9300 Plus have appeared online.

The Vivo X100s benchmark results come directly from Vivo’s product manager Han Boxiao. It not only reveals the Geekbench listing but also the AnTuTu scores. In addition, Han Boxiao also reveals the main differences between the standard Dimensity 9300 processors and the new 9300 Plus. The Vivo representative says that the core frequency and AI performance have been improved, making the Dimensity 9300+ much stronger. Simply put, the Dimensity 9300+ is the overclocked version of the standard 9300 SoC.

Vivo X100s AnTuTu score

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In AnTuTu Vivo X100s scores 2305267 points, which is quite a decent result. The Vivo X100s scored extremely well in every AnTuTu category: CPU – 538,809, GPU – 940,944, Memory – 472,337 and UX – 353,177. In comparison, the standard Vivo X100 with Dimensity 9300 managed to score around 2.05 million points. therefore, this is certainly a decent jump.

GeekBench score

Vivo X100s benchmark score revealed: over 2.3 million in AnTuTu

Talking about GeekBench score of Vivo X100s running on Dimensity 9300+, it gets 2313 points for single core and 7743 points for multi core. This is also a good improvement over the standard Dimensity 9300. In comparison, the standard Vivo X100 with Dimensity 9300 scored approximately 7351 for multi-core and 2205 for single-core score.

However, the Dimensity 9300 Plus appears to be a decent upgrade over the standard model. It has the potential to make the Vivo X100s top of the charts. With all these hot news surfacing online, the launch of the phone seems to be around the corner.

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Vivo X100s with Dimensity 9300+ Crushes AnTuTu with 2.3M+ Score