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Voices of doctors advocating for change


Conversation with Dr. Jeff Livingston and Hesham A. Khasabala

Jeff Livingston, Ph.D.
Twitter: @JeffLivingMD

Dr. Livingston is AG and CEO of MacArthurmc.com and founder of Medika.life. He writes for Women’s health, parenting and self-improvement.

Hesham A. Hassaballa, MD
Twitter: @HAHassaballaMD

Dr. Hasabala is a NY Times Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist, Head of Physician and Author / Blogger. His latest book is Code Blue, a medical thriller.

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An episode for home

  1. COVID has affected the well-being of our healthcare professionals at the forefront – their mental health and emotional and spiritual strength. Dr. Livingston and Dr. Khasabala outline how sharing their ideas and ideals unites them for greater effectiveness in patient care.
  2. The CEO of the hospital system and the intensive care unit share from the heart how the expression of feelings has strengthened their commitment to public health and passion for medicine.
  3. Dr. Hasabala supports modern medicine in the emergency department – and shares how the months of COVID and suffering – inspire him to support the patient’s voice. At the forefront of women’s health and new life in the world, Dr. Livingston shares the responsibility to bring together health professionals to serve COVID patients despite the risks.
  4. Doctors are not immune to suffering and terrible losses. Hear the heartfelt and strong words of two healers when medicine alone cannot save lives. These physician authors draw on inner spiritual strength to expand their ability to heal.
  5. Doctors are trained to be experts in their field – to be informed. Hear from two top doctors that you are vulnerable and authentic with patients and colleagues.

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Physician Voices Advocating for Change

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