US-based optical technology company Vuzix has provided an order to supply additional pre-production units for an avionics waveguide-based head-mounted display (HMD) system.

The subsequent six-figure order was made by an unnamed tier one global aerospace and defense company.

According to Vuzix, the custom HMD waveguide and high definition (HD) display development program with this customer has advanced to the production stage.

Vuzix has already completed several stages of product development and refinement with the customer and is now working to meet the company’s requirements for production deployment.

Vuzix CEO and President Paul Travers said: “On the heels of last week L3 Harris announcement, this follow-up order demonstrates that Vuzix continues to move forward with several other major aerospace and defense players, in this particular case, as they finalize their decision and pursue multiple manufacturing options.

“Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) custom waveguide projects such as this represent a profitable tool for leveraging our extensive optical expertise and intellectual property (IP), as well as our US manufacturing facilities.

“We look forward to announcing further developments with this company as well as numerous other programs around Vuzix’s growing OEM business.”

Vuzix’s waveguides are thin, transparent optical elements that transmit a projected virtual image to the eyes.

The company currently offers its waveguides in two field-of-view (FOV) formats, namely 28˚ and 40˚, which can be configured with larger FOVs.

Designed to fit a range of form factors, waveguides are manufactured from plastic or glass, allowing images to travel between two surfaces.

Based in Rochester, New York, Vuzix claims to be a leader in optical technologies for near-eye displays, as well as one of the largest suppliers of smart glasses in the world.

The company provides complete customer-ready solutions, modular subsystems and complete custom waveguides with display design.

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