The streaming platform Roku and retailer Walmart announced on Thursday (17) a partnership aimed at using the controls of smart devices to make purchases through television screens. Although the financial details of the agreement have not been disclosed, it is known that it will add 61.3 million subscribers to the traditional American department store.

The unprecedented partnership (not counting Amazon, which is both a streaming and retail platform) marks the beginning of a business niche for streaming platforms. It can potentially transform the way you shop into TV commercials and videos. The new option allows consumers to buy the moment they see and want the product. Both platforms want to offer a perfect payment experience.

How to shop at Walmart through Roku?

The great advantage of the streaming and retail agreement is that the buyer will not have to be redirected to the Walmart website or capture a QR code to complete the purchase. What the new program does is add an overlay to an existing ad. As a result, the user can simply click “OK” if he wants to buy.

Even the action of entering the credit card number, which would be quite complicated for the remote control, was decided by both companies. Roku’s payment platform already has pre-filled payment details for its customers. It is worth noting that custom branded content for streaming will be designed by Roku Brand Studio.

The decision to share with Walmart may have been a lifeline for Roku. The latter saw that shares fell more than 70% in one year, which caused a recent harassment by Netflix. After the completion of the transaction, the shares rose by over 4%. We are curious to see how the partnership will benefit both companies. Of course, this is also a good move for Walmart. After all, the giant does not completely cross the Amazon, entering all segments. Walmart recently expanded its payment platform in an effort to serve more consumers in Mexico.

Walmart and Roku are partnering to sell products via streaming