An exciting pricing error has occurred. Western Digital has apparently cut prices for the company’s Gold, Red Pro, Red Plus, Purple, Purple Pro and Blue product lines. However, the new prices seem skeptically low, so it’s probably a pricing mistake.

Western Digital online store shows WD Gold corporate hard drives starting at $ 3 (down from $ 117.99) or Purple monitoring hard drives at $ 1 (down from $ 83.99). Even Red Pro and Red Plus, which target NAS users, have starting prices of $ 10 and $ 27, respectively, when they are usually $ 209.99 and $ 109.99.

The manufacturer has high-capacity devices, including Gold 20TB at $ 150 (down from $ 679.99) and Red Pro 20TB at $ 75 (down from $ 599.99). Unfortunately, no hard drive is available. In addition, none of the discounted units are available for purchase, which suggests that there may be a pricing error. Western Digital offers the option to notify the user when hard drives are back in stock, but they are unlikely to keep the price low.

(Image credit: Western Digital)

Only Western Digital’s SATA-based hard drives seem to show these low prices. Prices for the brand’s SSDs, portable hard drives and Ultrastar hard drives remain the same.

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