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Health IT modules certified through ONC’s Health IT Certification Program provide end users with confidence that the technology they rely on to deliver care meets its certified capabilities. This assurance includes the actions and business practices required of certified health IT developers through Conditions and maintenance of certification requirements that together promote interoperability and encourage competition in health IT. The 21st Century Cures Act requires ONC to include certifications as a condition of certification in the certification program that ONC is implementing as part of the ONC Cures Act final rule. And it turns out that there is something to be confident about – “because 100% of Certified Health IT Developers have submitted their certifications!”

To meet with Attestations Conditions for certificationcertified healthcare IT developers are required to provide the Secretary of Health and Human Services with a certificate of compliance with each of the specified conditions and requirements to support certification (ie, information blocking, assurances, communications, application programming interfaces and real-world testing) twice a year.

On April 1, 2022, the first 30-day attestation window began. During this period, Certified Health IT Developers submitted their certifications to ONC-Accredited Certification Bodies (ONC-ACBs) using the ONC Certified Healthcare IT Product List (CHPL) site. Leading up to the submission window, ONC is collaborating with ONC-ACB and the developer community to register CHPL accounts and update Certification Program Resourceslike ours Certification information sheet and Certification Companion Guides (CCGs). We thank our industry partners for their commitment to reviewing the Certification Program requirements and providing timely certifications.

Attestations are an important requirement of the certification program. Semi-annual reviews promote accountability and their frequency allows for timely and incremental corrective action. As a process every six years, we are already considering the next attestation window, which opens on October 1, 2022. We are actively incorporating the great feedback we received from the stakeholder community in this first round as we continue to streamline the attestation process for certified health IT developers. Look out for reminders and updates from ONC in the coming months!

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We Can Attest: 100% Compliance for First-Time Attestations

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