72% of information security leaders state this cloud computing is a top priority in digital transformation. Cloud-based IoT software is changing the nature of both digital and physical security, allowing both security features to be combined and used to make better use of data.

So what does cloud IoT software mean for the future of security? Keep reading to learn about the ways in which cloud software helps improve security efficiency and convenience. This guide will cover how digital and physical security elements combine to better respond to security incidents.

The effects of cloud-based IoT software

Let’s dive in and discuss the ways in which cloud IoT software can be used in commercial environments, as well as some of the benefits that cloud solutions bring in security. At the heart of this progress, IoT technology facilitates change in many sectors of a global scaleand revolutionizing day-to-day operations for many businesses.

Integrate cloud data usage solutions

Data is the key to success in almost any industry, and security is no different. You can integrate cloud solutions to store all your information in one interface to get a clearer picture of what’s going on in your business. For example, the integration of cloud-based access control systems with security cameras allows real-time visual verification of identity.

You can also integrate cloud-based solutions with analytics software and AI that allow security officers to more effectively identify potential security threats. For example, Ava Aware summarizes data from access logs and security camera feeds, using trigger analysis when abnormal activity is detected. These triggers work proactively to minimize threats and criminal activity, instead of simply using the data as evidence once a crime has been committed.

Using cloud-based IoT technology also allows for fast responses and improves performance. Because security officers have a wide range of responsibilities, they cannot monitor the camcorder and access log files sequentially. Mobile technology helps build a better security strategy by allowing security staff to receive updates from anywhere, on site or remotely. Openpath, a Motorola Solutions provider for access control, uses live signals sent to security officers via their mobile device, with the ability to integrate with live video tools and AI analysis to improve system functionality. security and speed up the response to security incidents.

The power of combining physical and cyber security

Another way in which IoT and cloud security systems can be optimized is by combining digital and physical security, also known as security convergence. Cybersecurity software is needed to protect a cloud physical security system from online vulnerabilities and breaches. Similarly, physical security measures help protect data and confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. The convergence of cyber and physical security teams leads to more holistic, joint strategy. The more integrated all the physical and digital security elements of the trading system are, the more secure and secure the organization will be in the future.

Automated software updates

The future protection of your technology requires you to keep up with current versions of the technology you use in your security strategy. Keeping all your software up to date is essential to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities in your cloud-based system that could leave your organization open to cybersecurity threats. Traditionally, on-site security systems need to be updated manually by a certified professional each time there is a new upgrade. With cloud-based software, updates can be automated and performed remotely, which means minimal effort to keep your software up to date.

Remote capabilities

In today’s increasingly flexible and connected work environment, cloud-based IoT security software allows employees to manage security tools remotely using their mobile devices. For example, if your building uses a video intercom system for combined access and visitor management, your security staff will be able to verify the identity of visitors with an easy video call to their smartphone. In addition, the mobile app has a convenient remote unlock option to provide guests with login once they identify themselves. This ensures that security incidents do not occur due to improperly assigned access credentials.

Remote authentication of visitors and users allows visitors to enter the building without long waits. It may take some time for security staff to reach the entrance of the building to personally verify the identity of the visitor and unlock the building door, so the remote capabilities of cloud-based IoT technologies allow for faster entry into the building.

As misappropriated access credentials are one of the main problems with access control, integrating video and access information into one interface can help alleviate these concerns. With a fully remote access dashboard, cloud-based systems such as Openpath allow security officers a faster means of verifying identity and ensuring that access credentials belong to their authorized users.


If you make cloud-based IoT solutions in your security strategy, you have the opportunity to build a reliable security system for the future. Cybersecurity is a major issue when businesses adopt IoT technologies, but by merging physical and digital security, you can ensure that your cloud-based system is well protected from vulnerabilities. Integrating physical and digital security concepts will help your security and IT teams cope with the changing security landscape.

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What cloud-based IoT software means for the future of security

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