Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Benchmark apps are one of the most frequently cited measurements of smartphone performance today. These apps put the phones through a series of workloads, testing the CPU, GPU and/or the overall system.

However, we are curious what our readers think about smartphone benchmark tests. So go ahead and answer our poll below and leave a comment if you’d like to clarify.

What do you think about benchmark tests?

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We can understand if this is your primary measurement of phone power, as real-world performance can sometimes be difficult to quantify. On the other hand, we can also see why people would say that this is one of several factors they take into account,

We can also understand why people would say they don’t care about metrics. These tests usually consist of synthetic loads that don’t always reflect your real-world experience. In addition, over the years there have also been manufacturers who have cheated in these comparison tests. A Google employee also recently said that the team is “very comfortable” with the Pixels not winning in benchmarks, but instead focusing on AI-powered features.

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