Say that about Elon Musk: He does things. His revelations today that he has pledged $ 7.1 billion to investors to help fund his Twitter offer, including a commitment by Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal to transfer his current 4.5% stake in the company. since Musk is taking her private, he has to stop. questions about whether the deal will be completed. Musk doesn’t have all the money he needs, but he’s close. He even managed to reduce the loans he took out against his shares in Tesla, which made the deal less risky for him.

The question now is what investors expect in return for their participation. In particular, why are two well-known venture capital firms, Andreessen Horowitz and Sequoia Capital, investing in a 15-year, slow-growing company above market price? Sequoia at least has a long established division for public shares and is a longtime investor in Musk’s SpaceX, so you can find out his involvement. As for Andrew Horowitz, well, the explanation of partner Ben Horowitz (through a series of tweets) came to the conclusion that Musk could make Twitter “whatever it was meant to be”, whatever that means. Maybe it’s more about relationships than returns.

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