In this article, we’ll learn what mAh is, how it’s calculated, and why it’s important for every user to know about it when buying a phone, watch, tablet, or other battery-powered electronic device.

What is mAh?

The term “mAh” simply means milliampere. This is the measure of how much energy is stored in the battery. The higher the mAh, the longer a battery can power your device. The mAh of your battery will affect the runtime and capacity of your device to some extent.

How is mAh calculated?

There are many factors that can affect a battery’s mAh. The mAh value of a battery will depend on its capacity, the mAh of the device powering it, the temperature of the battery and the ambient temperature.

The formula for calculating the mAh of a battery is as follows: Mh = Ah * 1000/temperature Mh is the mAh of the battery. Ah is the battery capacity expressed in milliamps. Temperature is the temperature of the battery expressed in Celsius.

How does mAh affect battery life?

High capacity batteries have higher mAh values. However, you can’t just add more mAh to a battery to increase its runtime. You should also consider the capacity of your device. For example, a smartphone battery may have a capacity of 4000 mAh, but because it is powering a small phone, the power will be used up more slowly than if it were powering a portable projector or other larger device.

Your best bet is to choose a battery with a high mAh value and a capacity that is greater than what your phone requires. This will help your device stay powered for longer.

But keep in mind that battery temperature also affects battery life. A hotter battery will drain faster and a cooler one will require more energy to charge. A smartphone battery will become warmer when it is used to charge a device.

When it gets too hot, the battery capacity will decrease significantly. You can reduce battery temperature by keeping your phone in a pocket or bag, placing it on a hard surface, or using a car charger.

How are mAh different from watt hours?

mAh and Watt-hours (Wh) are two different measurements of battery capacity and charging time. The mAh of a battery gives you an idea of ​​the total amount of electrical current that can be transferred through it.

Watt-hours, on the other hand, indicate how long a battery can power your device. Hours are how long the battery capacity will last.

What is mAh?

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