Almost every Android smartphone user sooner or later faces the problem when the handset starts hanging. This is not only a disadvantage of budget models. In this sense, the only difference between cheap and expensive Android phones is that in the latter such symptoms appear a little later.

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Let’s look at all the main reasons why Android smartphones hang and try to find out if it is possible to solve it somehow.

Update the operating system

Every operating system update includes software codes and, in some cases, functionality. Android developers monitor the performance of various devices and make adjustments to the overall functioning of the entire platform. Most of the updates are related to security. So the user may not notice major changes. But such changes affect the functionality of the gadget.

So the first thing that comes to our mind is whether we can ignore system updates. Of course we can. But that means giving our data to hackers on a silver platter.

Software update

Apart from the operating system, most of the applications installed on your Android smartphone need to be updated for smoother and more secure operation. If you’re not updating apps, it means you’re not getting the full benefit. Some features will start not working properly or may not start at all without the latest upgrade. Therefore, we recommend that you update those applications that you always use and those whose work is mandatory, for example, an antivirus program.

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Cache overflow

In RAM, there is a section that stores temporary data for running applications – the cache memory. Overflowing RAM causes a particular function to slow down. The more cached files the program has, the longer it will hang.

So you should learn how to clean cache and do it as often as possible. This is especially useful for messengers, the browser and the YouTube app.

So, if you are still not clear how to clear the cache, the steps below are:

  • Go to settings;
  • Find the All Apps section;
  • Open the application (eg Viber);
  • Go to “Storage”;
  • Click on Clear Cache.

Background apps

Budget Android models with RAM up to 2 GB often start to hang due to the high consumption of application resources. When this happens, the system displays the relevant notifications. Worse, you can just ignore it. So in many cases you have no choice but to follow the message. Once done, all running processes, except those required for the proper operation of the phone, may stop.

So you can try killing heavy apps yourself: Settings>>Apps>>Stop.

Android smartphone hangs

Full storage

To make your Android smartphone work properly, you need to monitor not only the state of RAM, but also its own storage. To do this, you need to delete old, unnecessary files. At the same time, if there are too many videos or photos that you want to save, move them to the clouds. Don’t forget to delete the duplicate files


If you have done all the above steps but your Android smartphone still hangs, the reason may be a virus. Unfortunately, you can’t find it yourself. So you need to install a good antivirus program.

What To Do If Your Android Smartphone Hangs

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