It is easy to say, as many have done in recent months, that the office of the future is in the so-called metaverse, or that the metaverse is the solution to the problems of remote and hybrid work.

It’s easy because the word “metaverse” has no common meaning.

For example, if the statement “The office of the future is in the metaverse” means that people start their day by putting on virtual reality (VR) glasses, sitting at a virtual desk using a virtual computer surrounded by avatars, and going to virtual meetings in a universal shared virtual space with augmented reality, I would strongly disagree with this prediction.

However, if the statement means that in addition to the tools we have now, we will also sometimes use augmented reality (AR) and VR briefly for specific purposes, I would not only agree, but say:

“Of course – this has been assumed for decades. That’s obviously going to happen.”

(It’s worth noting that the first prediction is essentially Facebook’s point of view, while the second is mostly Apple’s. So Facebook is wrong and Apple is right.)

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