A few months after Meta introduced password login to WhatsApp on Android, it is doing the same on iOS. The company is rolling out the feature now and it will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

Passkeys are seen as a more secure login method because (on the one hand) it reduces the risk of fraudsters convincing users to share their SMS password. Instead, you can sign in by verifying a password using facial recognition, biometrics, or a PIN stored in Apple’s password manager. Access keys work by securely storing authentication credentials on your device that are paired with those saved by the service you want to sign in to.

To turn on passwords for WhatsApp on iOS, go to the Account section of the app’s settings and then tap Passwords. “Password verification will make logging back into WhatsApp easier and more secure. We’re excited to roll this out to WhatsApp and give users an extra layer of security,” Alice Newton-Rex, WhatsApp’s product manager, said in a statement.