WhatsApp is down for users worldwide, making it impossible to send and receive messages.

Complaints from the global user community first began hitting social media shortly after 3 a.m. ET on Tuesday, October 25.

At the time of writing, those who open the app are met with a “connect” message at the top of the display, along with a spinning wheel. However, other parts of the interface, such as message history, are still displayed.

In a widely circulated statement, Meta, which owns WhatsApp, said a team is currently working to resolve the issue. “We are aware that some people are currently experiencing problems sending messages and we are working to restore WhatsApp for everyone as quickly as possible,” the company said.

With a user community believed to exceed two billion, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging platforms in the world. Average as much 100 billion messages are reportedly being shared daily on the platform, so Tuesday’s outage should be felt heavily.

This is WhatsApp’s first major outage since a similar one 12 months ago that also affected other Meta services such as Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. The outage lasted almost six hours and was due to an error during routine maintenance. This time only WhatsApp seems to be affected.

As is common in such circumstances, many users took to Twitter to talk about the situation or simply drop some quips about the unexpected turn of events.

People come to Twitter to see if WhatsApp is down#WhatsappDown pic.twitter.com/eGi25KiQhU

— Bella Chao (Tea) (@punjabiii_munda) October 25, 2022

Me, after updating my airplane mode and restarting my phone 23 times, I logged onto Twitter to see WhatsApp down 😫😫 #WhatsApp #whatsappdown pic.twitter.com/fIRSrXBlMq

— SheisTiana (@Tianakeys_) October 25, 2022

WhatsApp launched in 2009 and five years later was acquired by Meta – then Facebook – for $19 billion.

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