As many across the country are gradually returning to the office after the pandemic stopped, office workers in Gulf cities are lagging behind their counterparts in other cities. Only about a third of San Jose and San Francisco subway workers have entered their office buildings, according to Kastle study. The company operates application, key card and fob systems in 41,000 businesses in 47 states and lists figures from the 10 largest metro stations in the United States.

The San Jose metro area averaged 34.2 percent average office occupancy in the last week of April, and the San Francisco subway area averaged 35.4 percent. Both cities were at the bottom of the list of cities surveyed.

At the top of the list of office jobs were Austin with 60.4 percent and Houston with 55.7 percent.

However, the San Jose subway area was one of the largest moving for the week, showing a 3.1% jump in returning workers from the previous week. In fact, total office occupancy in the United States broke a record in the last week of April, reaching 43.4 percent. This is the highest percentage since March 2020.

Here’s a look at the top 10 subways:

Average week of office occupancy from 27.04.22

1. Austin 60.4%2. Houston 55.7%3. Dallas 51.3%4. Los Angeles 40.9%5. Washington 40.4%6. Chicago 39.8%7. Philadelphia 38.4%8. New York 37.4%9. San Francisco 35.4%10. San Jose 34.2%

Report: Where Bay Area cities rank in workers returning to the office

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